Our God is exceedingly able. He doesn’t make mistakes. Often, we find ourselves preoccupied with the gifts we lack as individuals. However, God the Father perceives our strengths and recognizes our purpose. Throughout my life, I have encountered remarkable individuals who possess a deep personal connection with Christ, and I have come to realize that the closer they are to Him, the more they comprehend their true essence. Four years ago, I struggled to identify myself in Christ and saw only my imperfections. I was outspoken, unabashedly expressing my thoughts even when they seemed nonsensical, and at times, I could be persistent to the point of annoyance when pursuing my objectives. For years, I considered myself a burden to others. Nevertheless, when I embraced my identity as a cherished daughter of God, I discovered that my “persistent” nature was, in fact, a manifestation of perseverance. Regardless of the towering mountains that lie ahead, I am resolute in scaling them. Moreover, as a teacher and the founder of an incredible non-profit organization, my boisterous personality proves to be an asset. Therefore, my dear friends, let us redirect our focus to how God perceives us. Perhaps what we perceive as flaws are, in truth, our greatest strengths.