Hello, my name is Scott Husak and I am the Chair of Sent Global. Recently, our board members traveled to Jamaica to meet with partners from around the world. When we traveled to Jamaica, our goal was to ensure that the people we encountered experienced a complete and profound sense of support and encouragement in their faith journey. Witnessing the numerous miracles that unfolded during our journey was truly awe-inspiring. Every individual we met was on a quest for a deeper relationship with Christ, and it was a blessing to engage in heartfelt conversations and prayers with the villagers.

Our efforts to provide food, clothing, and essential supplies had a remarkable impact, touching the lives of those in need and offering them a glimpse of hope and love. The genuine connections we forged with the villagers laid the foundation for enduring relationships that will only grow stronger with each return visit. It is through these experiences that we realize the profound impact of our mission and the significance of the work we do.